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You need a java enabled browser to play this game.

This game does not work in all versions of Java. If the game fails to load, check your Java installation here: Check Java Version

Here you must fly around the galaxy, destroying enemies, recyling minerals, and collecting credits (money). When you start the game, you'll see the Galactic Map, this is how you navigate throughout the galaxy. The legend on the right illustrates what each of the hexagons represent. Clicking on a hexagon will take you to that sector of the galaxy. When entering a sector, you will be encountered with either enemies or asteroids.

The amount of enemies or asteroids that will be coming at you is based on the "Threat Level" or "Density Level"--which is also displayed on the Galactic Map. When you destroy enemies you will receive mostly credits and small amounts of minerals. When you destroy asteroids you will receive no credits, but a large amount of minerals.

On the galactic map you will see a Recycle Station and a Supply Center. At the recycle station you can recycle your collected minerals in exchange for credits. The exchange rate for minerals to credits changes over time, so if you're not happy with the current rate, try going back soon.

The Supply Center is the place to spend all of your credits. Here you can buy weapon upgrades, more powerful shields, and larger cargo bays. Upgrading your cargo is absolutely necessary if you plan on hauling large amounts of minerals.

If your ship is destroyed, you, the pilot, can be cloned, but your ship is no more. At the cloning station you will be reissued a standard ship and given 300 credits to get back on your feet. The key here is that you only sustain a minor score loss, for those of you looking for a new high score.

Mouse -- Moves your ship left to right, and moves the cursor in the galactic map.
Mouse Click -- Selects the highlighted sector on the galactic map.
Space Bar -- Fires the ships lasers.
m -- returns you to the galactic map.
Esc -- returns you to the main menu.

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