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Equipped with lasers, rockets, and grenades, it is your mission to destroy the enemy as many times as possible. This game features two modes of play:

"Free For All" -- here you die as many times as you want, you and the enemy can continue to destroy each other as long as you wish! Your highest kill count is saved.

"Survival Mode" -- here you are given only one life, and you must destroy the enemy as many times as possible on that one life. Your longest streak is saved.

Also, pay close attention to when lightning strikes, this indicates when a powerup will be falling from the sky. Powerups including Health, Rockets, and Grenades. The power meters of you and your enemy are displayed along the top of the screen--along with your kill count and currently selected weapon.

Left / Right -- Makes your character run left or right
Space Bar -- Jump
Ctrl -- Fires your currently selected weapon.
, or < or Up -- selects the previous weapon.
. or > or Down -- selects the next weapon.

Brought to you by TRU FUN Entertainment

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