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Play LostJungle Spider Solitaire
LostJungle Spider Solitaire

The LostJungle version of the popular Spider Solitaire card game.

Popularity: 69076 | Added: November 11th, 2006 | Game type: Flash | View Screenshot
Play Pacman 2005
Pacman 2005

A Pacman maze game set in a different place and a different time. It includes multiple mazes and levels, power-ups, warps, and more.

Popularity: 67097 | Added: October 29th, 2005 | Game type: Flash | View Screenshot
Play Shoot 'Em
Shoot 'Em

Shoot the bad guys before they shoot you.

Popularity: 65759 | Added: September 30th, 2005 | Game type: Flash | View Screenshot
Play Canfield

Like Klondike solitaire, the goal of Canfield is to move all the cards in a deck to suit stacks of ascending rank, forming stacks of descending rank an alternate color as an intermediate stage.

Popularity: 64647 | Added: August 2nd, 2005 | Game type: Java
Play Fowl Words
Fowl Words

Try and unscramble the letters to spell as many words as possible in the given time.

Popularity: 64227 | Added: September 13th, 2005 | Game type: Shockwave | View Screenshot
Play Pumpkin Puzzle
Pumpkin Puzzle

Line up three or more pumpkins of the same color to have them disappear.

Popularity: 63542 | Added: September 29th, 2005 | Game type: Flash | View Screenshot
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